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Rain, rain stick around, make some color on the ground

Everybody says, "Rain, rain go away! Come again another day!" But I say, "Keep it coming, Rain!" To me, rain brings happiness.

I love the way the sky looks when there is a thunderstorm. It's got that gloomy feeling to it. It's gives you a chance to look back and think about what you've done. The rain pellets on the windows almost make it feel like you're in some drama filled movie.

Whenever it rains I look at the world a different way. It's still my own personal playground, but now it's all wet. All the dirt and grime is washed away and it leaves behind bright colors and things we didn't see before.

Things are finally starting to grow. Even now, when the grass is dead, brown, and crusty, I can see spots of green in all that brown. Stuff is sprouting and the trees will soon be blooming and flowers will appear. The birds are starting to sing and the squirrels will soon be making their noises.

In short order everything will turn green and the world will be bright with colors. The skies will be gray with storm clouds and the ground will be green and brown.

I know this is going to sound weird coming from me, (since I'm always the big "Yay for snow!" girl) but rain is my favorite. Always has been; always will be. Don't get me wrong- I love snow. I love when the snow falls and lands on my eyelashes so that I can't see. I love all the things you can build with snow. I love how it hides a whole world under it.

But rain falls. It doesn't stay. It's like a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa on your birthday. When the storm clouds start to roll in, my face lights up with joy. I grab my swimsuit and dance in the rain.

Dancing in the rain makes me feel free, like there are no worries in the world. It's just me and my rain. There is no one to judge you or bother you. You get a chance to be you.

Every time it rains during the cross country or track season we all pray for an easy run. This gives us the chance to have mud fights, lay in the middle of the street in gigantic puddles, and get absolutely soaking wet.

When we get outside we all shriek at the top of our lungs. You get the sense that you can do anything. I guess rain just does that do you.

When the rain drips down my face when I look up to the sky it's like I'm a little kid again. I get this giddy feeling and I start laughing uncontrollably. I twirl around in circles and get muddy and don't care.

I don't care about people looking. I don't care if I get sick. I don't care if I scrape my knee. (My legs are already covered in scars anyway.) When I'm in the rain none of the bad stuff in this world matters. The only thing that matters is that I'm happy.

When I was little we had neighbors named Bruce and Jenae. They moved away and we got some of their old stuff. Jenae gave me the best present ever; a big duck umbrella. It's a duck with a hat on. It has eyes and everything! I still use it today.

I've never really had rainboots. Except these really cute ones when I was little. They were ladybugs. They had eyes, spots, antennas, everything. I loved them to death. When I grew out of them I got old smelly hand-me-downs from my cousins. They were just plain old black. Since I grew out of them I haven't had rainboots.

Having someone with you in the rain makes it even better. Then the mud fights get extremely intense. It hurts but it's worth the pain. You could say it gives you a nice exfoliation...if that's how you want to look at it.

Swimming and rain make a good combination, although you have to watch out for thunder and lightning. Being in water, and then getting even more water poured on you is the best.

So rain, don't go away. Stay here. If you choose to leave me for now I will gladly accept your arrival some other day.