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Summer love: She was worth the wait

Somewhere between feeling sorry for myself and single-handedly taking down The System, I came to a place where I realized I was enjoying this summer.

Of course, I resisted the thought at first. People like me don't have time to frolic and fish -- or even get our rods wet. I am a serious man, a writer who tries to impress with my big mouth (without always having a skilled tongue to back it up). I never set aside much time for fun.

As opportunities to slow down and smell the rosebuds continued to thrust themselves upon me, however, I couldn't help admitting to myself that this may be what I needed all along.

Even I, always so serious and shy, couldn't resist the season's allure forever.

My relationship with summer started innocently enough, with brief and intermittent flirtation. I would check the mail without any shoes on, relishing the warmth of the rocks under the balls of my feet.

Before I knew it, though, I was knee-deep in the throbbing pulse of an energy I had not experienced for a long time.

It's as if the cock crowed one morning and all my old doubts were vanquished. "Hey," I told myself, as the sun rose over a scenic set of hills in the distance. "I think I can do this," can chase this mid-year dream and tap the beauty this season has in store for me.

Now, I've been all over this summer -- reuniting with old friends, sucking down juice-boxes on the beach, huddling around bonfires until my eyes turn red -- and it's been all over me.

Filling the air with an easy feeling and gently blowing trees, summer reminds me that life has plenty to love without its complications. I find salvation in the warm flowing river, passion in the electricity of a midnight lighting storm.

In fact I often wish that God would make time stop for the summer and I, so we could lie forever in our lazy snuggle. College? Responsibility? A four-mile drive between where I live and where I came from?

These things are necessary for advancing in society and earning the right to feel big and dominant, but I don't need that now.

I'm content to lie in the sun, sip drinks, eat pie and watch the world go by. People will always do evil things, in spite of my protests; opportunities will always be there. Why be on top of the ball, when I can just let the season roll over me?

Summer, after all, is not a season so much as a pretty girl who enchants me for all-too-short a time, but promises with a passing wink that she'll return after I've had enough time away to reappraise and re-appreciate her.

And as much as I hate this, I accept it because I know she always will. I'm willing to wait, through winter's weight, for summer's warm weightlessness to embrace me once again.

Nathan Kitzmann graduated from Detroit Lakes High School and will be attending the University of Minnesota this fall.