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4-Hers learn more than just cleaning tips

friends helping friends: Stephen Sinclair, Isaac Clem, Travis King, Libby Schmidt, help 4-Hers Devin Lange, Mike Okeson, Cody and Tristan Johnson, supervised by Charlie Okeson, with clean up.1 / 2
Becker County 4-H members and their families helped clean up WE Fest grounds.2 / 2

A large group of Becker County 4-H members, their families and friends, gathered on Sunday afternoon to assist with the clean up at the WE Fest grounds.

When 4-H was approached by WE Fest promoters with this fundraising opportunity, they knew that it would be a large undertaking and advised the youth before committing to do it. Adult 4-H volunteers and 4-H Program Coordinator Mickey Okeson felt that in addition to the funds raised, the experience would be a good opportunity to teach the youth about stewardship and responsibility.

This proved to be true, as they were shocked by the waste left behind by the campers. Even though it was a mess, the youth worked hard, kept a positive attitude and agreed that they would be more responsible when they get older.

All workers enjoyed pizza and Dairy Queen treats after a hard day's work, plus several agreed to show up on Monday to fulfill the commitment. Good job, Becker County 4Hers for "using your hands for larger service" and thanks to the DLHS friends for pitching in, as well.