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Artistic doodles take over bag station

Every summer thousands of people come to participate in the Dick Beardsley half marathon and 5 kilometer run/walk. The cross-country team always volunteers to help out, and this year I was actually here to do so. Previously, I have been camping with my family and haven't been able to help out.

I worked the bag station with my teammates Celeste and Brookie and one of our coaches Amanda, and I saw some very interesting things. The bag station is where the participants drop off their bags before they run and come grab them when they are finished. We put their bib numbers on their bags and put them in baskets.

People of all ages were at the race -- from toddlers to older people. The children have the chance to participate in the 1k fun run. They run around the Pavilion parking lot and then back down to cross the finish line. The kids are absolutely adorable.

Before the race started, the National Anthem was sung right below the huge American flag that hung from the fire department's ladder truck. It really was a sight to see. After that it was time for the race to begin.

As usual, the bang of a gun started the race. The street was packed full of people. From one side of the street to the other, there was no open spaces. Some people even had to run on the sidewalk and grass. Women with strollers trailed behind the main pack. Kids doing the 5k waddled along next to their parents trying the best that they could.

Runners started coming back in after about 15 minutes. We couldn't believe how fast the first racer was going. A couple paces behind the next runners came by huffing and puffing. While the four of us sat eating ice cream, these crazy people worked their butts off.

People done with the 5k slowly started to make their way over to the bag station. Celeste and Amanda had to leave early so just Brookie and I were left to man the station.

We started drawing ridiculous pictures of each other. (Did you know that I'm getting married to my best friend in the near future? It was news to me when Brookie handed me the wedding invitation she created. I can't wait to tell him the news!) I can't say that I drew much better pictures of her.

We weren't the best bag station people that the Beardsley has ever had. Sometimes people would have to cough or say something before we would even notice they were there. We were a bit caught up in our drawing skills. Finally, all the bags were gone and it was time to go.

Brookie and I went for a little dip in the lake before calling our parents to come fetch us. After all, that's what the day is for.

To have a little fun, do something you wouldn't normally do. Go out and race a half marathon! Who knows? You might find something you enjoy doing that you've never known before.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.