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'We went to a fight and a hockey game broke out'

If you've ever been to Grand Forks you know that when the wind practically blows you over, it's a calm day. When the trees are bending sideways you know that they can always bend further. That's Grand Forks for you.

On Friday my parents and I made our way up to Grand Forks to go see the Fighting Sioux play some hockey. Our family friends graciously let us use their tickets for the Friday and Saturday games. They have season tickets and were unable to make it to the games.

It just so happens that my brother, Dylan, attends UND, giving us the perfect excuse to go see him. (Just kidding. I really do miss him and it was great to see him.)

Anyways, I had the chance to drive our Volkswagen Beetle. It's a stick shift so I'm still not very good at it. Each and every time I try and get it going it makes these funny noises at me. I'm trying my hardest, but it gets very frustrating.

We finally got there with a quick check in at our not-so-high-quality hotel. We then made our way over to Dylan's dorm to pick him up for the game.

When we arrived at the arena we were in awe. The Ralph Engelstad Arena is the nicest arena I've ever been to. Throughout the arena there are 2,402 Fighting Sioux logos. The seats are leather, there are inlayed tile mosaics of Fighting Sioux heads in the floors and walls, and the stadium is huge. To top it off, we had great seats just five rows back from the ice and right at the centerline!

The first night, the Sioux were facing the Air Force Academy. It was a great game. The puck was always going back and forth (obviously) and there was a great deal of pushing and shoving. My favorite is when one player smashes into another player; sending him flying into the air. Like my dad says, we went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

On Saturday Dylan and I worked out and the student Wellness Center. It was the craziest thing. Dylan and I were doing a 15-minute warm up on the treadmills and I saw this girl who looked familiar. She was glaring at me and I had no clue why. Here I am just doing my thing on the treadmill thinking, "What the heck is this girl's problem!?" After a couple more times seeing her throughout my workout I realized who she was. She was a girl that I met at ski camp two years ago. I'm guessing the reason she was glaring at me was because I passed her right at the end of the State Ski Meet last season. It sure is a small world.

On Saturday there were two games. One between Air Force and Michigan State and one between the Fighting Sioux and Boston College. After Michigan State slipped by Air Force in overtime, the championship game of the Ice Breaker Tournament began. It was intense from the very beginning. The very first play involved ramming and checking one another. Boston College scored the first goal putting the Sioux fans in a down mood. Our spirits were lifted when not long after the first goal the Sioux scored. Here comes my second favorite part of the game. The whole crowd stands up and cheers and starts dancing. It is one of the coolest things ever. Then once all the cheering is done and the school song is done, fans shout, "sieve" to the goalie. Over and over again, the fans try to humiliate the goalie. Basically, we are telling him that he isn't a very good goalie.

I know many people who aren't Sioux fans, but I am not one of them. My parents are both Gophers, after all. Heck, I know people who would rather die than have the Sioux win. Me? No. I will gladly visit the Ralph anytime. Go Sioux!

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at DLHS.