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Canoe trip full of memories

This weekend I had the chance to reflect on a plethora of memories. We finally went on the canoe trip that we used to go on all the time when I was younger.

Every fall the Boy Scout troop used to go on a canoe trip down the Crow Wing River. We stopped doing it after awhile, and I always missed it. This summer, the Venture Crew decided that we would start doing it again, so we made our way to Huntersville once again on Friday night.

The Crew consisted of 13 people -- me, my brother Dylan, my mom and dad, our friends Jeff, Linda, Nikki, Kajsa, Tyler, Rosie, Bob, Ed and Linda. Dylan, Tyler and I went up later because Dylan had to drive down from Grand Forks, and Tyler and I had pep band for the football game.

Here is where this article gets interesting. While the other 10 people were up at the campground enjoying the fire, the remaining three were still at the football game. Mr. Dylan got a bit chatty after halftime and we ended up leaving the game and about 9. We then went home to pack and tie a canoe on top of Dylan's car. Of course the packing went fine and so did driving over to the gas station for gas and what not.

After we were finished putting air in the tires, we were good to go. After about oh, not even an eighth of a mile, the canoe started to slide off the car. As Dylan slowed down to pull the car over to the side of the road, the canoe fell off completely. It wasn't a very good experience.

So for the next half hour, Dylan and I sat on the side of the road trying to get the ropes tied back on tight while Tyler held his finger on Dylan's broken hazard light button. As this was going on cars, trucks and semi trucks passed us going 70 miles per hour about 10 feet away. We then found out that the cap on Dylan's rack fell off. So there went another 10 minutes looking for that.

We got going again only for the canoe to slide off once more after going about 10 feet. We then decided to just drop the canoe off at my grandpa's house and go without it. We finally made it to the campground after having gone down the wrong road twice.

After that, the weekend was fantastic. We set off on Saturday at about 11, after eating a delicious breakfast that Jeff made for us. It was a windy day so it was a bit hard to keep the canoe pointed downstream. Even more so when you don't know how to steer one. I finally got the hang of it after about 20 minutes. Nikki and I were in a canoe together, and we were constantly saying how we were going to flip the canoe. Luckily, we never did.

We pulled ashore and had lunch and enjoyed an outhouse stocked with scented candles. It was the strangest thing to find an outhouse with scented candles in the middle of the woods. The rope tied to the doorknob that you had to use in order to keep the door closed was a lovely touch. Good thing we brought our own toilet paper.

After lunch Nikki and I switched places, giving Nikki a change to learn how to steer. It wasn't as windy in the afternoon so I didn't really have to paddle. It's not like I would've anyways.

When we at last came ashore at our campsite, dinner was waiting for us. Ed and Linda had stayed back and made food all day for us. We had chili and cornbread. It was very tasty. For dessert, we had chocolate cobbler that was made in the Dutch Oven. It sure was a lot of chocolate.

Of course there was a fire going so we sat around the fire and shared laughs for a couple of hours. Some of the time was spent singing Phineas and Ferb songs (one of the best shows ever!) with my friend Kajsa. It made me realize that these are the people I love spending time with the most.

Weekends like this are my favorite -- when I get to spend time with my favorite people, share tons of laughs, eat delicious food and be in the great outdoors. Life like this is such a beautiful thing.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.