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Road trip north is fun adventure

This Saturday was a new adventure for me. My first road trip!

My friend Lexi and I drove to Grand Forks for some good ol' BLD (Berit, Lexi and Dylan) bonding time. Dylan invited us to the women's Sioux vs. Gophers hockey game. So of course we went.

We left for Grand Forks on Saturday afternoon for a 7:07 game. We had absolutely no trouble getting there. The whole ride was spent singing songs that we barely knew the lyrics to, eating Gogurt and popcorn and reveling in the fact that we were two teenagers on a road trip.

Once we arrived, we waited a while for my brother to answer his phone to let us into his dorm. After waiting for a while, we decided to take our run to Victoria's Secret and Target. We went as fast as we could just in case Dylan decided to finally call us back.

We arrived back at the dorm with new tights for me and new yoga pants for Lexi. The three of us hung out in Dylan's dorm for a short while, enjoying our BLD bonding time. We unpacked our stuff (which really means that we took all of our stuff out of our bags and dumped it on his floor) and watched the "Harry Potter" weekend on ABC Family.

Finally, it was time to go eat and head to the hockey game. We ate at the only open dining center and had a super delicious dinner of cereal and waffles. (I hope you caught the sarcasm in the super delicious part.) They don't have a very good selection of food on the weekends.

We walked over to the arena and sat down in the student section. It was crazy what the students were saying. They were hilarious. Regretfully, I can't share what they said with you. Their words were not exactly appropriate.

It was an absolutely great game. Boy, were they playing dirty! The officials weren't calling any penalties. On the rare occasion when the officials called a penalty, the male Sioux students would flirt with the player in the box. We were sitting behind the Gopher penalty box so it was even better.

To Dylan's and my enjoyment, the Sioux kicked butt. The final score was 3-0. In the last couple of minutes, the Sioux scored two goals. One of them was shot from all the way across the rink. Lexi, being a Gopher fan, wasn't very thrilled.

After the game, we headed back to Dylan's dorm to watch some movies. We watched "Unstoppable" and "Bridesmaids." Dylan didn't think that he would like "Bridesmaids," but he was laughing the entire time. It seemed that he enjoyed it.

We stayed up 'til about 3 a.m. Well, not exactly. I was telling Dylan to go to bed while he poked and threw smelly shirts at Lexi. She had no clue what was going on. Finally, I got Dylan to go to bed. When we woke up in the morning, we looked at the clock, realizing that it was already noon. This was a problem because my dad wanted us back at two. Yeah, that didn't happen.

On the way back, we got lost a couple of times. We had a hard time getting out of Grand Forks. Then we didn't really know where to go once we neared Fargo. We figured it out and made it home though.

During the ride we had tons of fun. Every time we passed a car, we would stare creepily at the people in the other car. They looked at us like we were freaks. Which, I bet you could say, we are.

Overall, the weekend was great. I'm so glad that Dylan invited us and that my parents actually let us go. My first great big solo adventure sure was a successful one. I hope to have more in the future.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.