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After years of waiting, best sister comes along

Throughout the years, my family has hosted seven foreign exchange students. All of them have been boys, giving me eight older brothers. We've recently adopted our eighth student, giving me my first sister. Her name is Siri, and she is from Denmark.

Siri and I do some pretty crazy things. You will almost never find us not singing. Well, I wouldn't really call it singing. Words to describe our singing would be wailing, yodeling, or maybe screeching. Most of the time we aren't on key or even singing the right words. We have a few select songs that we always "sing," which are mostly by Adele.

We are on the cross-country ski team together, we made a girly diary for my brother together, and we dyed parts of our hair together. We do almost everything together. It's so different to have a sister.

When we were in the Cities visiting my grandparents for the holidays, we made a stop at Ragstock. We have a ski meet this spring where we can dress up however we like. A friend of mine and I decided that we would buy these horrible metallic leggings for the race. So Siri and I each bought a pair of said horrible leggings. Oh boy, do they look great!

For Christmas, we had no clue what to get my brother Dylan so we decided to get a present for him together. Now that we had that established, we needed to actually find a present for him. We threw some ideas around, like a gift card to somewhere or some sort of man thing. They all seemed so generic and we needed something outrageous.

The two of us were sitting in our kitchen eating one night when a thought crossed my mind -- what better present to give Dylan than a decked out girl diary. We looked and looked for the girliest diary we could find. We finally came up with a pink book with sunflowers and sparkles on it. So of course we took it home to make it better.

Glitter glue, fabric flowers, sparkly foam letters and sassy girl pens took up our whole ping pong table downstairs. We started with writing, "Dylan's feelings" on the front. We then decorated it with words like, "peace," "love" and "harmony." I couldn't wait to see the look of disgust on Dylan's face.

I don't even know what we were thinking when we decided to dye our hair blue. One day in Wal-Mart we were just walking around looking for Christmas presents when I had the brilliant idea of dying our hair. Siri went along with it fully, so we went home and started dying. Rubbing Kool-aid mixed with conditioner in your hair is slightly gross. It's so slimy So now due to our weirdness, we have a little bit of blue in our hair.

Siri and I make regular trips to just about our favorite store on the planet: The Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store. It's absolutely crazy what they have there. We bought the majority of our Christmas stuff at that store. Purple pants, wacky earring holders, movies, ski pants and shirts overflowed our cart.

Some of the clothing items were extremely strange so we put them on and just wore them around the store. We danced down the isles and "sang" our Adele songs. You should have seen the looks we got!

Having a sister is a whole new experience for me, and I can't think of a better sister than Siri. I can't count the mindless dances or phrases that we have. I know there are many more adventures for the both of us to take and we plan on wearing our metallic leggings for most of them.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.