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The snow that never came

As I looked out my window last Monday and saw all that beautiful glistening snow, I was jumping for joy. I could barely see out my window, the snow was so thick. Finally, my blizzard was here.

Oh wait -- it wasn't here. The forecasted 12-22 inches that was supposedly going to fall never fell. Well, except for the half inch that we received late Monday morning. The whole town was planning to be shut down. Students and teachers at the high school were prepared to have a snow day. And boy, were we excited.

Friday afternoon was filled with excitement. None of us expected to see one another on the following Monday. We were hoping for a snow day, but the little voices in our heads were telling us that we would have no more than a 2-hour late start. Nobody said anything about the possibility of a late start in hopes of it not being true.

The homework that students were supposed to finish was left undone on Sunday evening; they were hoping to do it during the day on Monday. We were all hyped up for winter to finally be here.

Most people sit around the house and drink hot cocoa on snow days. Not me. This snow day was going to be great. My plan was for my father and I to go bushwhacking up on our property on Rock Lake. All day Friday was filled with talk of my plans to hit trees and race into unknown territory. Oh boy, was my day going to be filled with fun. I planned on spending the whole day out on the non-existent ski trails through the un-marked woods. Unfortunately, this never happened.

To everybody's discontent, school wasn't cancelled on Monday. Adding to our dissatisfaction, almost every school near us was cancelled. I woke up at about 4 on Monday morning expecting to not be able to see anything out of my huge bay windows. Instead, I had the pleasure of looking out into the clear morning of another "winter" day. I was not a happy camper.

I was actually very surprised that so many schools in the surrounding districts were closed. I mean, come on. We live in Minnesota! You can't handle a simple little snowstorm? The whole day at school was filled with complaints about how the other schools were lucky enough to be cancelled.

I was glancing at the weather radar and I noticed something funny. The "blizzard" seemed to have found a way to hit almost everywhere but us. There was a little circle of absolutely nothing on the map and to fill the gap was the town of good ol' Detroit Lakes.

I know some of you were more than thrilled that the blizzard didn't hit us. Sure, the roads are better without snow, but snowmen aren't made out of dirt, you know. (After all, they're called snowmen, not dirtmen.) Words do not even describe how much I want to build a snowman.

Even though the blizzard never happened, I'm looking forward to the next "big" storm we get. This time I hope it's a real blizzard, so I can fulfill my plans of bushwhacking. There are some pretty darn good woods out there for me to explore.

Berit Ramstad Skoyles is a sophomore at Detroit Lakes High School.