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Each year is surprise with Minnesota teams

I've been a sports fan since before grade school.

I started watching the Minnesota Twins before I was even 5 years old, but one team I've been following even longer is our football team, the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings are kind of similar to the Twins in the same sense that every year is a surprise. In May if you would've asked me what team between the Vikings and the Twins would've been better, I would've said the Twins.

But the Twins finished dead last in their division, and the Vikings are 5-2, and sitting near the top.

Anyway, past years have been a lot different than this year. When the Vikings got Brett Favre, it gave us Minnesota fans something new and exciting to watch that year. That season (Favre's first with the Vikings) they went 12-4, and made it all the way to the NFC Championship, which was the first time they've made it that far since 1998, when Randy Moss was a promising rookie, and Randall Cunningham was at the end of his career.

Last year, when I found out the Vikings picked up Donovan McNabb, I was excited like I was when they picked up Favre. I thought it meant the beginning of a new era, and something exciting to look forward to. But that ended up not being the case as the Vikings finished near last in the league, with a 3-13 record. So this year (so far) has been a huge pick me up.

Seven weeks ago, I sat down and watched the Vikings play the Jacksonville Jaguars in the season opener. I honestly thought the Vikings would win that game in a total cake walk, but they ended up winning in miraculous last minute fashion to light up the TV's sports highlights.

I guess after week 1's win (barely) over a really weak team, I figured it was just gonna be a repeat of last season -- but the Vikings continued to surprise me.

In week 2, they faced off against the Colts and their No. 1 overall draft pick in Andrew Luck. They ended up beating Minnesota the same way Minnesota beat Jacksonville. After that week 2 loss to Indianapolis, the Vikings found themselves on a three game winning streak (which is the same number of games they won all of last season).

They started off with a huge upset victory over the San Francisco 49ers, and then beat division rival Detroit, before barrel rolling over Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans.

But last week's game was definitely a setback, after the Vikings blew a lead and lost to Washington and rookie quarterback Robert Griffin the third.

This week the Vikings beat a pretty decent Arizona Cardinals team, not with our offense, but with a new, younger and more energetic defense that appears to be one of the best in the game.

I guess the Vikings continue to surprise me this season, which makes watching the Vikings that much more fun, and more exciting. Hopefully they can keep their pretty good run going and maybe even push their way into a surprise playoff appearance, all of which is very possible if quarterback Christian Ponder can keep his mental game in check.

Jonah Bowe is a senior at Detroit Lakes High School.