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PUBLIC NOTICE The Governing Board of Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership, Inc. is seeking and will select participation from Wadena County representative of Private Organization to fill one (1) expiring Board seat now held by Del Moen. The term of office is three years, beginning October, 2014. Private Organizations are defined as business, industry, educational, small farm groups, Chambers of Commerce, Religious groups, lending institutions, social organizations, farm organizations, senior citizen groups, industry and cooperatives. To comply with federal requirements, emphasis will be made to select a representative with education, finance or legal expertise. Interested persons of Wadena County wishing to serve on the Mahube-Otwa Board of Directors should contact Leah Pigatti, Executive Director, at 218-847-1385 no later than Friday, June 20, 2014. Additional information can also be found on the Mahube-Otwa web site at 289637 1936534 6/5/14-6/19/14