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REGULAR MEETING AS POSTED - BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS. DATE: TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014 AT 8:15 a.m., LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse. Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Okeson. All commissioners in attendance; County Administrator, Jack Ingstad, and Minute Taker, Cindy Courneya. Pledge of Allegiance. Approved the agenda with the following changes: Under Commissioners, move Number 4: Dunton Locks Tramway Operations Discussion to follow Open Forum and under Central Services: Remove Number 1b Personnel Request: Resolution 05-14-1B. Approved the minutes of April 22, 2014, with the requested changes. Commissioners: Open Forum: Several individuals from the public were present to show their support of the Dunton Locks Tramway and residents of the area presented including Mike Maloney, Roger Demers, Patrick Kenney, and Jim Fandrich, with all in favor of keeping the tram open for the season, noting the benefits of keeping it operational now and into the future. There was strong support for repairing the tram and in continuing the operation for the season, allowing everyone more time to work out a permanent solution. Discussion was to continue following Open Forum. Dunton Locks Tramway Operations Discussion and Personnel Request: Resolution 05-14-1M: Discussion continued in reference to the Dunton Locks Tramway and input was received from the public. Marty Wiley, NRM Director, requested direction from the Board. Board Chair Okeson suggested consideration be given to repair the tramway to include the two pulleys, extending the track, and purchasing extra cable, with estimates being provided to the Board for further consideration. Approved Resolution 05-14-1M, to approve to hire two (2) part-time Tram Operators for the 2014 season. The Board expressed their thanks and appreciation to the public for their input and support of the tramway and stressed the need to work together as a community to establish a long-term solution for the Dunton Locks Tramway. Reports and Correspondence: The Commissioners reported on the following meetings: Commissioner Skarie: Becker County Fair Board, Lakeland Mental Health, Human Services Committee, Environmental Services Committee, meeting in reference to the Jail, and attended the Exit Interview for Child and Family Services (Review of Outcomes); Commissioner Nelson: Information Technology (IT) and Highway Committee; Commissioner Grimsley: Development Achievement Center (DAC) and Historical Society; Commissioner Okeson: Airport Commission, Highway Committee, Finance Committee, and attended the Veteran Services Officer Performance Review, along with Commissioner Grimsley and County Administrator, Jack Ingstad; Commissioner Knutson: Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority (PLMSWA) and Mahube-OTWA. Approved Resolution 05-14-1I, to reappoint James Olson as the Becker County Highway Engineer for a four-year term, beginning on May 31, 2014 and expiring on May 30, 2018. Commissioner Nelson was not present as was on a call with state legislators. It was noted that an appointment for the Partnership4Health board is needed and it was requested to put this item on the agenda for the next Board meeting of May 27, 2014. Discussion was held in reference to the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) request for counties to provide comments and concerns on the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Proposed Rule on Clean Water Act's Definition of "Waters of the U.S.". Following discussion, the Board requested that Tara Guetter from the Pelican River Watershed District return to the Board with a resolution outlining the concerns presented. Auditor-Treasurer: Mary Hendrickson presented: Licenses and Permits: Approved Resolution 05-14-1A, to approve the Application to Conduct Off-Site Gambling, to hold a Raffle for the Alumni Association of the University of North Dakota on July 17, 2014 for operations at: The Detroit Country Club, 24591 County Road #22, Detroit Lakes, MN, in Lake View Township. Sheriff Kelly Shannon reported that in 2013, a request was made to both tubing businesses, Charlie's Tubing and K&K Tubing, to voluntarily check ID's and issue different colored wrist bands for adults and minors for the season. It was reported that both businesses were cooperative and emergency calls dropped significantly. However, following the 4th of July weekend, K&K Tubing did not comply. There were also concerns with K&K in reference to clean-up. Owners of Charlie's Tubing, James and Cathleen Pihlaja, were also present and expressed their concerns and frustration with K&K Tubing and reported that they will continue to support and comply with the requests. They did experience a decrease in business, but felt it had a positive impact as well. Sheriff Kelly Shannon would support the renewal, if K&K Tubing is willing to comply with the requests. Owner of K&K Tubing, Roger Klemm, was also present. Commissioner Nelson stated that if Sheriff Kelly Shannon was not supporting the request for renewal of Mr. Klemm's tubing license for K&K Tubing, then he could not support it. Mr. Klemm requested to withdraw his request at this time, with the Board accepting his request and taking no further action. Mr. Klemm reported that he would like to return to the Board with legal representation. Approved the Annual Tubing License for James and Cathleen Pihlaja - Charlie's Otter Tail Tubing - Erie Township. Approved the change in hours of operation of the Motor Vehicle Department to 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning June 1, 2014, and to review the hours again in the fall. Finance Committee: Mary Hendrickson presented: Approved the Regular claims, Auditor's Warrants, Over 90-Day Claims, and Additional Claims, as presented: Auditor's Warrants (Tuesday Bills): 04/30/2014 in the amount of $212,285.46; Over 90-Day Claims: ISD #22 in the amount of $1,800.00; invoice just received, Select Account in the amount of $258.13; billing was changed to online, invoice just received, Larson Companies in the amount of $892.46; bill was processed for incorrect amount, now being corrected, Trophy House in the amount of $5.35; resubmitted after a correction was made, and TV3 in the amount of $1,190.00; invoiced incorrect department; Additional Claims: Bremer Credit Cards (Elan) in the amount of $10,842.80, DM Propane in the amount of $117.12, Dave Erckenbrack in the amount of $80.00, Janke's Sew & Vac in the amount of $44.95, Liberty Business Systems in the amount of $800.53, Minnesota Safety Council in the amount of $295.00, MN Office of the State Auditor in the amount of $1,077.50, Barry Nelson in the amount of $646.88, Don Skarie in the amount of $992.68. Approved the purchase of seven (7) laptop computers for Squad Cars, at an estimated cost of $18,243.75. Assessor: Steve Carlson presented: Abatements: Approved the following abatements, as presented: PIN #08.1247.000 in the City of Detroit Lakes for the amount of $366.00, due to Auditor-Treasurer office error, PIN #14.0058.000 in Hamden Township for tax years 2012 and 2013 in the amount of $16.00 and $18.00 respectively, due to ownership was not correct; refund tax to incorrect owner, PIN #19.0162.000 in Lake View Township for an amount of $260.00 due to taxpayer applied for relative homestead at same time as local assessor pulled homestead, and was processed in wrong order; parcel should have been relative homestead, PIN #51.9045.000 in the City of Lake Park for an amount of $374.00 due to taxpayer no longer leased the property as of 12/31/2012. Environmental: Steve Skoog presented: Approved Resolution 05-14-1J, to convert one (1) current Compact Truck Driver/Transfer Station Attendant position from Part-Time to Full-Time. Mr. Skoog presented information in reference to the tentative time schedule to construct a new solid waste transfer station. This discussion will continue at the Board Retreat. Approved the E-Waste Service Agreement with Universal Recycling Technologies (URT), as presented. It was noted that proposals were received from RetroFit and Dynamic, but URT's was the lowest. Human Services: Christy Ramsey, John Iwen, Sue Kent, Don Janes, and Ronda Stock presented: Approved the agreement with Sjostrom Homes, (Sheila Ojala), to manage the Becker County Workshop, as presented. Approved Resolution 05-14-1K, to approve the modification of the Burial Disposition Policy, paragraphs 5 and 6, as presented. Approved Resolution 05-14-1C, to hire one (1) part-time Case Aide from the MN Merit System, due to a resignation. Approved Resolution 05-14-1D, to hire one (1) part-time Registered Nurse from the MN Merit System, due a retirement. Approved the Human Services claims for Human Services, Community Health, and Transit, as presented. Highway: Jim Olson presented: Approved Resolution 05-14-1E, to approve the Bid Award for Projects CP 003-118-001 (County Road 118 Street and utility improvements) to Anderson Brothers Company of Brainerd, MN, in the amount of $503,865.17, and that the City of Frazee is authorized to execute the contract on behalf of Becker County in accordance to the terms of a previously approved cooperative agreement (Resolution 04-14-1J). Approved Resolution 05-14-1F, to approve the Bid Award for Project SAP 003-514-017 (Reclaiming, Bituminous Surfacing and Aggregate Shouldering) to Anderson Brothers Company of Brainerd, MN, in the amount of $1,201,019.10, and that the County Chairman and County Administrator are hereby authorized and directed, on behalf of Becker County to execute and enter into said contract. Approved Resolution 05-14-1G, to authorize the purchase and installation of two new blinking "STOP" signs along with 2 new blinking "STOP AHEAD" signs on CSAH 11, at the intersection of CSAH 6, with the requested change in size of signs, if possible. It was noted that these safety improvements will be funded by proceeds from the sales tax for transportation. Approved Resolution 05-14-1H, to authorize to enter into a contract with Houston Engineering to provide professional services for bridge replacement on CSAH 7 in Lake Park over the BNSF Railroad, as presented. Commissioner Nelson was not present as was on a call with state legislators. Natural Resources Management (NRM): Marty Wiley presented: Approved Resolution 05-14-1L, as presented, to approve the issuance of a long-term easement to the White Earth Nation Tribe, for long-term use of tax forfeited land, to allow for public access on Big Rush Lake; to acquire Parcel #227055001 for the purpose of upgrading the current public access, cleaning of the site, and to keep the site available for public use. Central Services: Human Resources: Nancy Grabanski presented: Approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for one (1) correctional officer to work additional hours as an AIS Deputy, with the agreement to not receive health benefits. Authorized the County Administrator, Jack Ingstad, to sign and execute future MOU's in relationship to waiving health benefits due to increased hours. Approved the increase from Step 5 to Step 7 for the Lead Custodian position, as presented. Public Hearing to Consider Combining Auditor-Treasurer and Recorder positions and Making the Position Appointed: Resolution 03-14-2E: Board Chair Okeson opened the Public Hearing. Commissioner Nelson informed the public that he would not support the combining of the Auditor-Treasurer and Recorder position and making the position appointed, if there was not unanimous support by the Board members. He also noted that he has had contact with two senators today and reported that the bill will most likely be removed or delayed today, but expects and appreciates the public's participation and input. Several citizens were present and public comment was received. The following residents spoke in opposition of the proposal to combine the Auditor-Treasurer and Recorder positions and to make the position appointed: Clarence Suvanto, Clint Danielson, LaVonne Nordgulen, Ed Nordgulen, Keith Brekken, Justin Klemetson, David B. Knopf, Rita Boyle, Lester Ristinen, Roy Smith and Josie Niemi. Discussion was also held in reference to the need to fill the Auditor-Treasurer position as soon as possible, with the board expressing the difficult position this poses in that whoever they appoint for the interim may be viewed as having an advantage at election time, and then also pointed out the difficult task in finding a qualified applicant who is willing to resign from a current position to take this position, with the uncertainty of being elected. The Board feels making the position appointed is the best option, but does not want to go against the people. There was also discussion about placing this item on the ballot in the future to let the people decide which option is best. Commissioner Okeson was in agreement to put the item on the ballot in the future. Gerry Schram, resident of Erie Township, was in support of making the position appointed, noting that there are currently no qualifications required for the elected position. Board Chair Okeson closed the Public Hearing. Approved to take no action at this time on proposed Resolution 03-14-2E, and to discontinue the process to combine the Auditor-Treasurer and Recorder position and to make the position appointed. The Board once again expressed their thanks and appreciation to all who participated in the public hearing today. The Board of Commissioners continued meeting at the Board Retreat, which was scheduled to immediately follow the regular board agenda. Board Retreat: The Board of Commissioners continued meeting at the Graystone Building in Detroit Lakes for the Board Retreat/Lunch, along with County Administrator, Jack Ingstad; Highway Engineer, Jim Olson; Sheriff Kelly Shannon; Environmental Services Director, Steve Skoog; Human Resources Director, Nancy Grabanski; and Maintenance Supervisor, Dan Johnson. The agenda included the following: Discussion on Jail Options, Update and Direction on the Public Works Facility, Bonding Bill for the Transfer Station Recycling Facility, further discussion on the Auditor-Treasurer Legislation and Other Discussion. Approved to begin advertising for the recruitment for an interim Auditor-Treasurer, for the vacant Auditor-Treasurer position. The meeting and Board Retreat were adjourned by Board Chair Okeson. Jack Ingstad, County Administrator; John Okeson, Board Chair. R-June 8……………………………………………………………………...1938189