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Forum Communications combines forces with USA Today

Beginning today, The Forum and USA Today are joining forces to give you more of what you told us you wanted.

We recently surveyed our readers. Above all else by a country mile, you told us you value local news and advertising, which is our cornerstone. Beyond that, though, you value a carefully curated national news report. That's where USA Today comes in. They do a fantastic job of delivering a wide array of tightly written, national and international news.

So, starting today, news from USA Today will grace two to four pages within The Forum everyday.

It's like having a smaller version of the USA Today newspaper in your Forum. Two papers for the price of one. Two powerful brands coming together to give you the best local and national report.

The USA Today pages will most often be at the front of the C Section. The exception will be on Saturdays, when those pages will mostly go behind our popular Saturday Business section.

USA Today has reporters all over the map covering the world's biggest stories. The Forum's focus is on local and regional news, something our engaged readers won't find elsewhere.

To illustrate our priority on local news, the first section of the newspaper will now be entirely devoted to local and regional news.

As always, our goal is to deliver a strong local and regional news report that is fair and balanced, provides depth and understanding, while also respecting your time.

Once you've seen a few days of our new offerings, let me know what you think. We love to hear from our many readers.