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Letter: Booster Club, not DL School District, paid for new scoreboards

A recent edition of the Detroit Lakes Tribune reported the actions of the Detroit Lakes School Board and their special meeting on Sept. 28 that was called to address two issues. The first was the approval of the Preliminary 2018 School Property Tax Levy. Of particular interest was the other agenda item which dealt with the school board's acceptance of scoreboards donated to the school district from the Detroit Lakes Athletic Booster Club. As the article indicated, representatives from the Booster Club were present to tell the story, so to speak, regarding the origination of the scoreboard project and their astonishing efforts where fundraising was concerned.

The idea of scoreboard replacement specifically for Mollberg Field started approximately three years ago, guided by the late Mark Hagedorn. We are so grateful for Mark's passion for Laker Athletics. He shepherded the business side of the Booster Club for a long time and as such, this scoreboard project is dedicated to his commitment toward giving our student athletes something extra. The Tribune's article cited that the very purpose of the Booster Club was to support our student athletes above and beyond what the school district should or could do where supporting the many activity programs associated with Detroit Lakes High School. The School District is grateful for the Booster Club's support of our activities and our kids.

With that said, the fundraising efforts conducted by the Booster Club for this scoreboard were terrific. Within days after Mark's passing, the outpouring of support for his vision amassed over $300,000. And as the article stated, that support meant that not only could they install a new scoreboard at the football field, but also a new video board in the High School gym and the possibility of a scoreboard at the Washington Park baseball complex.

This overwhelming support also meant that the school district didn't have to contribute any dollars toward the purchase or installation of the boards at both Mollberg Field or in the High School gym. Because of Mark Hagedorn's vision, and the tireless efforts of the Detroit Lakes Booster Club, a soon-to-be-upgrade of our scoreboard equipment in the district is now a reality.

In closing, the School District wishes to thank the family of Mark Hagedorn, and the Detroit Lake Booster Club for this most generous donation. —Doug Froke, Detroit Lakes

(Froke is superintendent of the Detroit Lakes School District)