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Letter to the Editor: 'Thanks' for acts of kindness in DL

‘Thanks’ for acts of

kindness in DL

There’s a column in the Fargo Forum called: Kindness is Contagious — the writer is Nicole J. Phillips. She encourages people to let her know when they have been on the receiving end of an unexpected, and often surprising, act of kindness. After reading this I began to think of some of the times I have witnessed and received acts of kindness in Detroit Lakes.

The first one that comes to mind happened way back last April: I have four children, three sons and one daughter. They all know I enjoy flowers so the boys usually send me gift certificates to Bergens where I get wonderful help in picking out things that the boys can admire when they come home. My daughter, however, wants me to have fresh flowers in a container that I can keep so she usually phones “Flowers By Val” and orders beautiful bouquets delivered to me. This year my birthday happened to fall on a Sunday. How could the flowers be delivered on a Sunday, my daughter thought, and as she shared this over the phone, Val said “I see your last name is Nielsen. Are you related to Mark and Marlene Nielsen?” “Sure am,” my daughter replied. “We go to the same church,” says Val, “I’ll take them with me and make sure she gets them.” That is exactly what happened. I walked into church Sunday morning and one of the office staff handed me a beautiful flower bouquet in a wicker basket. People walking by stopped, and smiled, and I got a “Happy Birthday” from everyone who saw the flowers. A special day made memorable by someone willing to do a little bit extra.

I encounter this small town attitude (willing to do a little bit more) many places in DL. Ace Hardware downtown, gives me free advice and guidance time after time, and answers my silliest questions without laughing at me. From spackling to stains to high gloss versus satin finish, they are knowledgeable and patient with me. The wait staff at Mainstreet (restaurant) are friendly, yet efficient — and they have the best coffee in town.

One last group, the men who maintain our county roads. I often think about them when the winter winds are whistling around the house and its dark and way below zero outside. They keep our road open month after month, and always have a friendly wave as I drive by. We are blessed by people like this who make our lives just a little bit easier, yet often don’t get a thank you. Well, here’s my personal “thank you” for the extra things you do. Often unexpected, sometimes surprising, blessings. — Marlene Nielsen, Lake Park