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Editorial: An ice castle in Detroit Lakes? Yes, please!

A big kudos goes to the Ice Harvest Committee in Detroit Lakes for taking lemons and turning them into frozen lemonade. When times got tough and things did not go as planned, they rolled up their sleeves and essentially said, "Oh, we're doing this."

Quick synopsis for those who need it: Despite efforts by a group in St. Paul to get funding and community support there for the building of a grand Winter Carnival ice castle that would surely have made the city shine during its stint hosting the Super Bowl, it didn't happen.

The group was disappointed as the project just didn't see the community backing it needed. This, in turn, disappointed folks in Detroit Lakes because that's where the ice for this castle was to be harvested from. An entire team of Detroit Lakes area volunteers was assembled to work on this thing, and when that team found out the project was being nixed, it rallied.

The Ice Harvest Committee is now determined to build its own version of an ice castle from Detroit Lake ice and feature that bad boy right here in DL. This is an awesome idea.

Now, it's time for businesses and residents to get behind this group and give this project the legs it needs to run. What started out as a disappointment has such potential to accidentally become an incredible opportunity for Detroit Lakes.

We always have the raw (really raw, in fact frozen) materials for it, we've got the talent (local artist Hans Gilsdorf) and we've got a business savvy, fun-loving community that can turn this thing into something really cool .... something that could bring people in from all over the region to experience the wonders of Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes. It's a new opportunity for this city to shine. The winter of 2017-18 could be the one when we start new traditions to go with the old—ones that could make our children's experiences growing up in this snowy area a little more enchanting and could help provide warm memories for residents and visitors for years to come. Let's do this—let's start making ourselves some frozen lemonade.