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Quirky & Quotable column: How do you wake up?

One morning I was sitting in bed looking through the window. Squirrels were running on my neighbor's roof rushing about, welcoming a brand new day. As I was observing them, I started thinking about the different ways people start out the next 24 hours. We have several categories. You have the person who bolts out of bed, hops in the shower, puts on their exercise gear and runs out of the front door to jog, walk or ride their bicycle. It is their time for getting their bodies moving, and probably their opportunity to enjoy their own company and plan the day.

Others experience more difficulties in the waking up process. The alarm clock is buzzing and you see an arm sticking out from under the covers and a shaky hand slamming the button down. They roll over and go back to sleep. For them, it's going to take a few more minutes to drag themselves out of bed. They then nonchalantely stumble to the kitchen, fumbling about trying to coordinate themselves into making their coffee. They are disheveled and their eyes are puffy and their hairdo looks more like they got caught in a wind tunnel. It takes those poor souls a few hours before the connection between their brain and body is solidly established.

Then you have the dangerous kind; those you have to wake up. This procedure can be risky and tricky. You gently touch their feet or shoulders and whisper that it is time to wake up. Of course keep in mind to do this at a safe distance so you will not suffer bodily injury. They give you the "snake eyes." Through the slits of the eyelids they look at you and you know that they are going to hiss at you, so you walk away and wait.

We also have the mumblers, the groaners and the silent type. There are also the ones who, as soon as they open their eyes, their brain gets in high gear. I am one of those. When I wake up, which might not be to the benefit of the world out there, I am thinking -- ideas and concepts come rushing into my consciousness. If people walked in my mind this early in the day, they would run for cover. There is a whole committee chatting away between my ears.

Our type is hard to take. We discuss with you complicated issues, ask you all kinds of questions on any given subject, and all this intellectual assault is performed before you ever drink your first cup of coffee. What we do not realize -- or choose to ignore -- is that you probably could care less and you might not even have any idea of what we are talking about.

Of course if you are a parent, then the waking up process is not a personal time, you have to rush about making breakfast, getting the kids ready for school, fighting with the teenagers who won't budge to get up or the ones who have a crisis trying to figure out what they will wear that day. By the time everybody is out the door you realize you have been violently propelled into a new day.

Yes, we all certainly have different ways of waking up everyday, but we eventually get "stabilized" and go about living our life and meeting our obligations to the best of our ability.