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Letter - Support Obama for political change

DETROIT LAKES - As a large part of our nation counts down to Super Tuesday on Feb. 5, voters here in the great State of Minnesota have an opportunity to take part in the historical transformation of our political system as we know it.

We have a chance to do away with the despair, hopelessness, and apathy of the past and put an end to big money influences and partisan bickering. We can end the era of the last 20 years -- an era in which two families took us down a perilous path that most Americans did not agree with. America needs change more now than in any other period in our history, with the exception of the beginning of the Great Depression. There is a great sense of hope and excitement in the air that has not existed in this country since that terrible day in November of 1963.

The opportunity exists for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all across the nation to join together and make Barack Obama the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. My support for Obama has been evolving since my college age son started working for the Obama campaign last summer. I have researched this intelligent young man, and I am convinced that he is the one candidate that can reach across party, racial, religious, and gender lines, unite our country, and rid us of the destructive forces brought on by the partisan politics of the last 20 years.

All voters, at this time in history, can unite and leave the old guard behind, and propel our great nation into a new era of hope. I urge voters of all parties and ages to attend the Democratic Caucus at the Community Center on Feb 5, and cast their support behind Barack Obama. -- Tim Olson, Detroit Lakes