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Letter - ATV?advisory board should not be scrapped

DETROIT LAKES - It's time that both sides of the ATV trail issue start acting like people instead of politicians. As a resort owner of 50 years I've seen many well behaved ATV riders and many just the opposite. We have many seasonal campers that own and operate ATVs, however none of the Veronens care two cents for riding them. Due to age or health concerns, some people consider ATVs their passport to the woods. Many drivers, on the other hand, are out to see how fast they can go and how much mud they can spray. It is these riders that give the (sport) a black eye.

We all want development, but not in my back yard.

This same attitude is the one that Becker County Commissioners routinely adopt when they need to log a few hundred acres or, in this case, build 70 miles of noisy OHV/ATV Trails. Northeast Becker County has always been your recreational back yard to use as you would, with little regard for the people that live here. Someday you may be faced with the prospect of a hog farm next door to your house. Would you then want the hog farm advisory committee disbanded? The OHV/ATV Advisory Board meetings aren't exactly presidential debates, They should not be scrapped because you hear something you don't want to hear.

How Bush are we?

Could a compromise be worked out? Maybe a smaller trail system that utilizes existing logging roads and snowmobile trails to avoid construction costs and further destruction should be considered. The idea that every motor sport needs its own trail system is preposterous. Reminds one of the Twins, Vikings and Gophers building new stadiums when we already have the dome. Like the new stadiums, various locations should be considered. Maybe western Becker County near Dunton Locks County Park. I wonder what the people on Muskrat Lake and Lake Sallie would say?

One thing is sure, you never find out if you don't ask. Please don't stick your heads in the sand. Keep the OHV Committee working.

-- Mark Veronen, Ponsford