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Letter - Franken will fight for change in Washington

Right now, as you read this letter, big corporations in the oil, gas, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, and defense industries are ripping off America big time by buying their way into the legislative process through massive lobbying. This outrageous practice has to stop. But nothing in Washington will change until we have a congress, as well as a president, that will stand up for middle class Americans. For way too long our country has been run by big money interests, at the expense of ordinary, middle class people.

Norm Coleman has voted lock-step with George Bush on his policies that help the very richest people and corporations, while shortchanging basic needs such as better public education, health care, transportation and infrastructure. We need another Democrat who will work alongside Amy Klobuchar in truly representing the citizens of Minnesota in the United States Senate. Al Franken can be that person. Al is a smart, hard working person with strong middle class values, who truly cares about people. He grew up in Minnesota, had a successful career in the entertainment field, and now wants to give back to the people of Minnesota. He's an articulate, effective communicator, who will stand up to the big money interests and put his heart and soul into accomplishing the crucial changes that are needed in Washington.

Minnesotans are fed up with things like our massive national debt, rapidly increasing food and energy prices, faltering economy and sub-prime mortgage disaster. Drastic changes are needed. I believe that Al Franken can beat Norm Coleman next November. Please help him win the DFL nomination to run for the U.S. Senate next November. He would be a winning candidate who would fairly represent all Minnesotans in Washington. Al would help return Minnesota to its rightful place as one of the leaders in the nation in education and quality of life for all its citizens. -- Elizabeth Sweder, Fergus Falls