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What is the trade off?

FRAZEE - Our government and the electric companies are pushing consumers to use the new spiral long lasting light bulbs in place of incandescent (regular) light bulbs.

This is because these generating plants can use less generating capacity and therefore use less coal and with this, less mercury pollution.

But does anyone realize that every new spiral bulb contains mercury (Hg)?

If everyone would recycle these bulbs they could contain the mercury, but how many will? Probably very few! These bulbs will end up in our landfills. We have for years tried to keep mercury out of our ground water -- now we will add more? To me this just doesn't make sense.

Why not eliminate mercury at the source (our power plants) and forget about these new bulbs? What are we doing to future generations who need to use this earth? What is the trade off when we know people don't recycle even the easiest products such as paper, cardboard, plastic, tin etc.? I just don't believe that most people will save their spiral light bulbs to take them to a recycling center. Why not try to conserve electricity by turning off items when they are not in use in homes and businesses? We are such a wasteful society and mostly live for the present. -- Carol Strache, Frazee