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Letter: Thanks to 'Helping Hands' for newly remodeled Crisis Center basement

Since being the Director of the Crisis Center for the past few years, every time someone asked me to go down in the basement I cringed. Because of the poor lighting it was difficult to see and the shelving and storage capacity was limited, which made the organization of our donations difficult at best.

As a result of one of our advocates, Holly, calling "Helping Hands" -- the group of men (17 total) in our community who work together to help others -- it is now a pleasure to enter the basement area. These kind and generous men came together and worked over 380 laboring hours to improve the electrical system to increase the lighting capacity, built shelves and installed hanging clothes rods, and resurfaced the concrete floor to make the area more accessible.

It may be hard to understand the impact of their work to the community at large. By helping us with these projects they have made our work easier and more efficient, which in turn gives all of us more time, energy and ability to work with the victims of violence that come through our doors daily. The donations made by individuals and organizations in the community helped us purchase a new phone system and management database system, which will also save us much time. These items will improve communications and the storing of our data, which previously had been manually accomplished. The new management database system will make a significant impact for our agency when it comes to reporting to grant providers and the overall tracking of information and clients.

One of the gentlemen working with "Helping Hands" now stops by daily to brainstorm and see if other opportunities exist to support and help our organization. I am continually amazed at the generosity and support of this community. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each of the members of "Helping Hands" as well as all of you that support Lakes Crisis & Resource Center throughout the year. -- Jan Logan