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Other Opinions: 'Normal' around here is pretty cold

If weather forecasters were right, residents of eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota awoke today to the coldest temperatures in years. The mercury was expected to plunge to near 30 below zero in Fargo-Moorhead overnight, which is just a few degrees shy of a deep cold record set in 1881.

If there's an upside to the cold, it's the lack of wind. As the wind slacked overnight, the temperature plunged beneath clear skies. That's usually the recipe for record-setting lows.

But whatever the thermometer registered this morning in your town, it was cold. Weather statistics experts tell us that the winter thus far is not a record-breaker for cold or snow. Indeed, there is some indication weather conditions across the Red River Valley are tracking about normal.

The problem, of course, is that "normal" is pretty darn cold. Don't believe it? Just stick your nose out into the new day. That'll convince you. -- The Forum