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Letter: Legislature's gas tax is unreasonable

I think it very irresponsible of the Minnesota Legislature to support a gas tax increase at a time when most Minnesota citizens are struggling to keep gas in their cars.

Government/elected officials need to learn some financial responsibility at times like these when gas and heating fuel are at a point at which they are putting our country into a financial recession, our elected officials need to find ways to make do with what we have and in fact their job now is to lower taxes and prices on everything.

No increase in prices is going to fix the problems we face.

Lowering the price on gas and heating fuels will help by getting people a chance to catch up and maybe have some money to spend.

Perhaps DL Newspapers has a never-ending supply of money so that when things cost more it doesn't hurt, but most people are feeling the pinch right now and raising the price of gas is going to hurt more than help.

Having a nice road doesn't help if only the politicians and press are able to afford to drive on it.

Many folks would rather feed their kids than pay more for gas. Before any hike in prices can take place without further damaging an economy that is in serious trouble now, we need a complete economic recovery.

You know there comes a time when you just have to make do with the funds available because there are no more to take from a starving population.

If you don't have the money for a new car you can't just go buy it and then take money from people to pay for it. You have to wait until you can afford it.

Same goes for government, but yet the more they waste the more they take. Only we can stop it by putting our foot down and saying "no more!"

I do not support Pawlenty either, he just finds ways to make himself pretty for the cameras, but we can not let any of them raise prices on anything right now. -- Joe Block, Detroit Lakes