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Letter: DL gymnasts show a lot of class in support for Perham at state

We would like to acknowledge and say thank you to the Detroit Lakes Gymnastics Team for their fantastic support of the Perham gymnasts this past weekend at the state meet.

Each of the DL gymnasts wore a black T-shirt with yellow letters that spelled "GO PERHAM" when they stood in line.

On the back, they each had a different Perham gymnasts' name that said, "You're my hero."

They were energetic and enthusiastic throughout the meet in their cheering for Perham and should be commended for their impressive show of sportsmanship.

What a class act! Also, congratulations to Bre, Courtney, and Kristi for their awesome performances during the individual competition on Saturday.

DL gymnasts, you're our heroes! -- Julie Vomacka, Perham

(Vomacka wrote this letter on behalf of Perham High School gymnasts, parents, and fans)