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RK Dupre column: Accepting our imperfections

In this world, everything has to be perfect. The body, the mind, the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the children we make, the foods and drinks we consume and so many other things. We end up not accepting what is, aware that we will never have perfection.

I like imperfections. They give identities to the bodies we have. They prove their value and their specialness. It's what makes us different from others, yet not unique at all. So, our skins are not smooth; they are the road maps of our lives. Our eyes change with time and moods. They are the windows of our souls.

Our minds are uneven, extreme, twisted; they are the detours of our perceptions. They cater to our fantasies, they are the vehicles of our imaginations.

Our houses are messy, tidy, big, or small. They are the physical structures of our dreams of comfort. Some are old, others new. They all have quirks -- breakdowns -- that keep us caring for them.

Our cars are fast or slow, they age and stop running. We believe they are our symbols of status, but they are merely a necessity. We want perfect foods and drinks served in a faultless way, yet we throw them away when we have too much and deprive ourselves of them to get the perfect bodies we think will always be young.

As for our children, we want them flawless, so they will flatter our egos. They are told everyday to strive for this elusive and destructive concept of perfection.

So, let us welcome all the imperfections of our humanity. Let us accept what we are made of, what we were created for. Let us be glad that we do not have to fight every mile of this journey, wanting, demanding to be perfect.

Our imperfections should bring us peace, freedom of being who we are, without guilt, shame or fear. They tell us that our best is good enough. We can nurture them in a way. They give us character, purpose, and a true sense of reality of who we are and what is around us. They make us equal in a very special way. They give us a gentler approach to the acceptance of one another.

So, imperfections, stay with us. Be a part of all of us always! If you did not exist, neither would we.

We would lose our way, chasing what we are not... perfect.