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Letter - Negative Frazee Restaurant and Bar gossip must stop

FRAZEE - I am writing because I have been hearing a lot of B.S. about the recent closing of the Frazee Restaurant and Bar.

As a former manager of the business I know the truth as to what happened, and all I can say is you people know who you are and your comments are sometimes better left unsaid. We did all that we could to keep things going. Are we claiming that we know everything? No. We learned a heck of a lot our first year in business. But still, supposedly, "we knew this was coming?"

We have gone out of our way so that you could go and do certain things that would have been impossible without our help. Are your lives that bad that you have to drag the rest of us through the mud like this? You know just as well as I do that we had no idea that things were going to come to this. I feel so betrayed by those of you who have to call us out and try to bring us into something that we don't belong in. So I will say it one more time, just grow up!

And for those of you that have all sorts of time to sit there and analyze all of our mistakes and say that you would go in and fire Carey and Dion right away because they are lazy, get a life! If you would work as hard as they do maybe you would have one. What about all of the positive things we have done for the community, the fundraisers we have done?

Second, respect is earned, not demanded. If you want to be treated with respect you have to treat people with respect. Get off your high horse and dig in right beside them. That is how respect is earned.

Last, on behalf of the rest of the laid off employees of the Frazee Restaurant and Bar, I would like to thank all of the loyal customers that supported us for the past two years. Without your loyalty we wouldn't have made it as far as we did. You will be greatly missed. -- Traci Alger, Frazee