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Quirky &Quotable column: Peace of a liquid world

It was a sunny day. The sky was a perfect blue. I was walking on the shores of a lake. Calm and beauty were replacing the hustle and bustle of the distant city. Here time was slower and my connection with nature was deeper.

I was watching the waves coming back and forth over rocks and pebbles, covering the beach. How fascinating it was to see how the water, the wind and the sun kept polishing the stones, eroding them, transforming their shapes. As I was contemplating this natural process, I realized that it is like our lives eroding our emotions, polishing our hearts and souls, metamorphing our spirits, day after day, changing us into what the Universe intends us to become.

I always enjoy the beauty and mystery of this liquid world and restore myself in its currents. Like the rocks on the shore, I invite the spirits of Earth and Water to shape me into what I am meant to be.