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Letter: Foreign government contracts should stay in U.S.

Our economy is going down hill in a hand basket, and our government is giving it a push.

I could hardly believe that our government would be giving a big Air Force contract to France instead of Boeing (a company in our own USA).

Why, with the job market the way it is and the good jobs sent overseas, would our own government do this?

As Dr. Phil would say, "What are they thinking?" Where is the outcry -- I don't hear it. We need good paying jobs in this country.

Our investors are so concerned with making a profit that they have gone overseas, where labor is cheap so we can buy our products for less. Where has this got us? In my way of thinking, we can't make products for ourselves and good paying jobs are lost for low paying service jobs. We have become a service nation, with industries lost by our own greed.

Almost everything we pick up these days is made in China or some other country. Should we be buying food products from people or animals made where safety standards are lax, just so some investors can make a profit? What about toys for our children that contain lead? It not only is bad for our kids, but these products will end up in our landfills and compound the problem.

We as a country could produce all of this ourselves if we were thinking about our future as a nation. We don't need to take a chance with contaminated products -- or maybe we do. Maybe, as the old song says, "I owe my soul to the company store!" -- Carol Strache, Frazee