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Tribune Editorial: Cheers to Food Pantry, jeers to DL parks department

Cheers to Minnesota's success in creating alternative energy.

The state has overtaken Iowa as the nation's third-largest producer of wind energy, behind Texas and California.

The American Wind Energy Association told the Associated Press that Minnesota added 405 megawatts of wind power production last year and had 1,299 megawatts of wind energy at the end of 2007.

That edged Iowa's 1,271 megawatts.

Under legislation passed last year, Minnesota set a target of generating 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources such as wind by 2025.

Wind energy is a great supplement to the coal and natural gas-burning power plants that provide the steady baseline energy that utilities need to prevent disruptions for their customers.


Jeers to the Detroit Lakes parks department for letting ramps and other equipment at the Skate Park deteriorate.

Skaters at the park tell us they try to fix what they can, but when screws are no longer holding and plywood is coming apart, it's time for the city to step in and do some timely repairs.

The city should be commended for building the park in the first place, and kids can be hard on equipment, but the Skate Park is a popular place this time of year and the city should make sure the ramps are safe and useable.


Cheers to all those who donated to the Becker County Food Pantry.

The community stepped up and made this year a record-breaker for food and cash donations to the Becker County Food Pantry.

The food pantry received 77,602 pounds of food and dollars -- they are considered equal for the food pantry's purposes --following a big donation blitz in March.

Last year at this time the food pantry had collected 60,509 pounds of food and dollars.

"The previous high we had was 68,453 pounds or dollars in 2005, said Food Pantry Director Jack Berenz. "We had a good, a good year this year. We had businesses, civic groups, schools, congregations, individuals -- all of it added up," Berenz said.