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Letter: Go vegan! It's easy

A shocking study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which concluded that medications Vytorin and Zetia do zilch for lowering cholesterol, is a bitter pill to swallow for the millions of Americans battling heart disease. Fortunately, where Vytorin fails, veggie burgers succeed.

High cholesterol can largely be blamed on a diet rich in meat, eggs and dairy products. Animal products are loaded with fat and have no fiber. By contrast, plant-based foods contain no cholesterol whatsoever and have a proven history of reversing heart disease. Researchers have found that a vegetarian diet rich in soy and soluble fiber can reduce cholesterol levels by as much as one-third. Considering that a significant percentage of adults in the Western world are candidates for cholesterol-lowering drugs, making the switch to vegetarianism is a sensible choice.

Going vegan is as easy as popping a cholesterol pill -- but much tastier and much, much more effective! Interested readers can visit for a free vegetarian starter kit, including delicious heart-healthy recipes, expert nutritional advice, and helpful cooking and shopping tips. -- Amy Skylark Elizabeth, Senior Staff Writer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)