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Letter: Global warming argument is 'political junk'

In response to the Beverly Horacek letter. Here is a typical person spooked into believing that there is global warming. It is not a fact, it is put forward by a bunch of left-leaning politicians in the Democratic Party like Al Gore who are not scientists. There are as many scientists who say global warming is due to natural earth cycles as there are those who say it's man made.

A professor at NDSU in physics said that in a study they did on global warming and carbon dioxide the difference in our air world-wide from pre-industrial times to now would fit in a 5-pound grain scoop.

The temperature on Mars is going up at the same rate as earth, and its solar flares are not caused by anything we do. The Earth has been cooling since 1998, being the hottest year, and before that 1935, and before that who knows?

Those who believe global warming is caused by man are perfect examples of people who use political junk not scientific facts. To take away our rights as Americans to own and drive what we (at least for now) have the right to own.

For years the politicians have been trying to get rid of the old cars and trucks in America and this is just another ploy. -- Karen Riggle, Ponsford