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Letter: Global warming letter was 'political junk'

After reading the letter by Karen Riggle last Wednesday, I felt like I had read nothing factual about global warming and all "political junk." For those who still believe that global warming is a political hoax, or for that matter, that the earth is flat, the information you need is only a couple clicks away. Google the subject, choose info from a reliable source, and become informed. And, by the way, there is an award winning documentary properly titled "Inconvenient Truth." Regardless of whether you like Gore's political positions, he did an excellent job with this piece. Don't take my word for it; take it from the selection committee for the Nobel Peace Prize he won for it.

Global warming isn't going away so you might as well understand it; learn what the consequences are, and most importantly what you can do to reduce your impact on the earth. The scientific literature tells us that our climate is warming and we better do something about it. And by scientific literature I mean peer reviewed science, not unpublished, un-reviewed "science" that was funded by Exxon Mobil through the "research firm" they created solely to place doubt in the minds of the public about global warming. Doubt that has effectively delayed the necessary fuel conservation and alternative fuels research and earned them billions at the expense of our health and the health of this planet. Boycott them.

Global warming isn't about politics; it is about the future of our planet. "Left leaning politicians" didn't "put forward" or create global warming as Karen suggests. We have caused it with our consumption of fossil fuels and the resulting elevated carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere. Scientists are the ones who predicted and have documented the climate change. There is no scientific disagreement that it is occurring. Any debate is by misinformed individuals with political agendas or by industry that benefits from an ignorant society that they helped to create. Even President Bush, the one who censored scientific results on the matter that didn't sit well with his oil agenda, now agrees that it's an issue that needs attention (see page A9 of the April 17 Star Tribune).

The U.S. EPA (April 15) reported that the United States greenhouse gas emissions in 2006 totaled 7,054.2 million metric tons. This would hardly fit into the NDSU professor's "5 pound grain scoop." Each time you open your car door on a sunny day and find the inside of the car many degrees warmer than the outside air temperature you can be reminded of the greenhouse effect and global warming. I don't believe protecting our environment is "political junk" but rather the inherent responsibility of anyone who desires to drink clean water and breathe clean air. Happy Earth Day -- Bruce Paakh, Detroit Lakes