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Letter: Drinking age should stay 21

I am so glad that the drinking age in Minnesota is 21! I really think that it should stay that way too.

High school in the 70's was chaotic. The drinking age was 18. A lot of the seniors were 18 and of course the number grew throughout the year. Several students were arrested for providing alcohol to minors. We had a police officer already in our school because of the drug and alcohol issues. Many children were killed or permantly injured while at or driving from a keg party. A fellow classmate of mine had two fetal alcohol children. A teacher was shot during the school day by a high school student and killed. This same group of students planned a keg party in field number 2 for our 30-year class reunion.

I guess it is correct when they say that you stay emotionally, the same age as when you start drinking. I wouldn't want children to go through what I had to. There is a reason the drinking age is 21! -- Eileen Mooney, Detroit Lakes