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Letter: Find the meaning in Earth Day, don't ignore it

I always enjoy the online poll at the DL-Online website as many times it has a bit more of a flavorful question than you'll find at many other local newspapers. This week's: "Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day this week?" showed what I thought to be a rather interesting third option -- "I don't believe in Earth Day." Presently, there are only 76 responses. That being said, 42.11 percent of those polled have selected that they don't believe in Earth Day.

When I saw the option, my first question to myself was, "How can that even be an option?" Oh no, can't have an Earth Day. That's not sponsored by Hallmark? There's no obligatory purchase necessary to propagate this celebration. God forbid, we care about the planet we live on for one day. It isn't like anyone is forcing you to go out and hug a tree like a happy wife at Christmas who demands a diamond because it's forever. The planet isn't forever either.

When one looks at holidays, there should be at least an attempt at acknowledging the meaning behind it, whether that be good intentions or a corporate ponzi scheme, and just hope for a day off of work. For finding the meaning in these holidays is far more important than just ignoring it. It isn't like this is Valentine's Day. It's flippin' Earth Day people. At the very least, try not to chuck your cigarette butts out the window. Just for today, use your ash tray. There, you can say you did something for Earth Day now instead of just dismissing the idea of being a steward of the planet you're lucky to live on. Happy Earth Day. -- Bob Williams, Fargo, ND