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Letter: New property tax plan targets the 'responsible'

As I read the latest plan by some of our state's "think tanks" -- in this case Rep. Paul Marquart and House Tax Chairwoman Ann Lenczewski -- concerning property tax legislation, I am once again reminded that property tax is the unfairest of all taxes paid by the citizenry. Rep. Marquart's attempt to equate property value to income is like comparing your income to the car you drive. Rep. Marquart states, "the plan ties home taxes to income, which is a more fair way of taxing than today's property tax system that has little to do with income." Are you kidding me? I have been a mortgage broker for the last five years and what I have seen from the American public is a complete and total disregard for personal responsibility when it comes to financial responsibility. I was taught at an early age that a budget was an integral part of financial well being and being a responsible adult. I work two jobs and unapologetically have made a six figure income for several years but drive a car that is over 10 years old. Although I could qualify for a loan for a million dollar home, I live in a home that is a small fraction of that amount.

Don't kid yourself; the current mortgage crisis in is not due to greedy banks, seedy mortgage brokers, oil companies or even global warming. The current mortgage crisis is being fueled by individual's with an entitlement mentality. "I want it and I must have it." How many of you have been to a car dealership and had the salesman say you were qualified to purchase a $28,000 vehicle? Just because you qualify is it smart to make the financial decision? If you don't know how to sit down and do a budget, it is time to get a good book on the subject. If you make $3,000 a month but have $3,500 going out to pay bills, this is not your neighbor's fault. It is your inability to balance your budget. Either get a second job or cut your expenses below your monthly income. My 12-year-old seems to be able to understand that, surely a 35-year-old should be able to understand it.

Now Rep. Marquart wants to not only "steal" from those who are living within their means, but also wants to provide those who made poor decisions in the mortgage arena "foreclosure aide." So if you purchase a home that is way out of line with what your income supports, fear not, your government is here to bail you out at the expense of those who have budgeted properly and are living within their financial means. -- Scott Lysford, Frazee