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Letter: Peterson's 'corn' remarks were foolish

I just watched your congressman, Collin Peterson, on the cable business channel, CNBC. They were talking about the new Farm Bill and bio fuels.

The interviewers asked Mr. Peterson if he was concerned about the ethanol demand for corn driving up the price of food.

Mr. Peterson said that corn constitutes only a small fraction of American's diet.

What a fool! Corn feeds live stocks, cattle, hogs, poultry. Is this guy for real? Does he actually represent a district in a farm state?

Furthermore, he said that food has been too cheap for too long.

I hope Rep. Peterson's constituents get to hear his comments. I guess Minnesotans don't mind skyrocketing food prices and the high cost of diesel and gasoline.

The residents of Connecticut resent Rep. Peterson's cavalier attitudes. -- Chris A. Ford, Woodbury, Conn.