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Letter: Frazee taxpayers make sacrifices for the school

This is an open letter to the students, teachers, and school board of the Frazee School District.

My tax bill to the Frazee District is 261 percent (that is 2.6 times!) more than last year. The reason for this is the passed referendum and increased evaluation. This is a lot of money (and multiplied by the number of residents in the district) brought into the finances of the school.

Students, we have made a major sacrifice for you, so please apply yourselves by studying hard, having good attendance, good behavior, respect for others and your school, and making your education a number one priority.

Teachers, now you should not have to worry about your employment status. Therefore, you can direct all of your energy into being a good teacher by keeping up to date, earnestly working with students, and being good mentors. Also, I hope the next time negotiation comes around, we won't hear a lot of talk about how you will have to play catch up because of the sacrifice you made to help the school survive, by not asking for a raise last time around.

School board, you have been entrusted with over-seeing our community's two most important resources, our young people and our dollars, so do it wisely, frugally, and with correct priorities.

An additional group I want to address is the City of Frazee. You didn't want to loose your school because it was important for the viability of the town. I do not believe that a school is kept in operation for the viability of the town. It is in operation for the viability of the students. In some communities, the school is located in the country, several miles from any town. So, besides the students, all who benefit from having a school in Frazee, I hope you too appreciate the sacrifice I and the other taxpayers of the district have made to help you.

-- Warren Koester, Rochert