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RJ Dupre column: A mother's requiem

On this special day, many will celebrate and honor the woman who gave them birth and raised them, but for many of my "sisters," this day will be painful, lonely and unbearable.

They will remember the fear of going to the mall and seeing children playing and how they ran to their cars to hide and cry. All the nights spent aching, because they could not touch their little ones and rock them to sleep and ease their discomforts. All the milestones they could not celebrate -- their children's first steps, first school day, graduation, holidays, the rights of passage when they could not share their wisdom and experiences.

My "sisters," although society tried to tell you, you did not deserve to raise your children. For whatever the reasons, you kept loving them and living each day carrying a pain so great that, at times, you felt it would break you.

On this Mother's Day, I celebrate your courage, your incredible strength on this treacherous journey of motherhood. Remember that nothing in this universe can destroy the love between a mother and a child. You are like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

You might be labeled as "absentee" mothers, but you deserve recognition like any other. One day, you too will be honored by those you could not raise, because they will walk back into your lives and you will let them know what kind of love it took to endure and hope.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you heroic women.