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Letter: Tower Road Industrial Park is an eyesore

My name is Elaine Mack and I have a bone to pick with the City of Detroit Lakes. My husband, Tom, and many neighbors spoke out many times against the old Ray Anderson property ever being platted into the "North Tower Road Industrial Park." We were told there were many lots still open in the industrial park along Richwood Road and that nothing would be built on North Tower Road for many years. And yet, the first building is in progress as we speak.

Why do I have a strange feeling that our "punishment" for being outspoken and waiting to keep this area residential is the new city utilities building being built directly (and I mean directly) in front of our house? I look out my kitchen window and all I see is this overgrown lean-to and this huge, ugly warehouse/office building where there used to be a beautiful field with deer and geese. And could it be any closer to the road?

Don't kid yourself, the city knew all along that this ID park was going to happen! And if they planned this years ago, as they've stated, why didn't they start planting trees years ago so the residents along North Tower Road wouldn't have to look at this eyesore, and others I'm sure will be coming? They also said they would limit the number of driveways and the plat shows only two, but it sure looks like there's going to be another one directly across from ours!

Mayor Buboltz always says that the city wants to be "a good neighbor." Well, if this is your idea of being a good neighbor, I'm not impressed!

If anyone is curious what I'm talking about, I urge you to take a drive to North Tower Road and see for yourself! -- Elaine Mark, Detroit Lakes