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Letter: Thanks for Day of Caring work at Sucker Creek

Whoever invented Day of Caring had one wonderful idea. And how 2008's contribution has really enhanced Sucker Creek Preserve.

Some 25 Detroit Lakes High School students, under the mentorship of science teachers Steve Fode and Stan Richter, organized teams, complete with wheelbarrows, shovels and buckets for spreading mulch over very lengthy distances to refine the aesthetics of the Janet Boe Memorial Trail.

If I were those two teachers, I would be so proud of those kids I could burst! They did one marvelous job of organization, and, with volunteer mentor Dick Hecock, they worked just as hard as the kids loading wheelbarrows and manning them.

Mulching in a woodland is like vegetables in a human. As mulch breaks down, it lends nutrition to the forest.

Hats-off, big time, to the students. Kids, you accomplished so much. I hope you admired your work when you finished. If not, by all means, take a leisurely walk in Sucker Creek Preserve, follow the Janet Boe Trail and celebrate your contribution. You have definitely added a greater sense of peace, more serenity, beauty -- and health -- to the path.

Day of Caring 2008 will soon find its way onto our granite slabs as an appreciated in-kind contribution to the Preserve. -- Sally Hausken, Detroit Lakes