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Letter: Leave beaver dam alone

Every spring about this time, someone comes unto my property, a 40-acre parcel of land between White Earth Lake and Strawberry Lake, and with several sticks of dynamite blows a 20 foot hole in my property. I complain to the local authorities that this destruction was without my authorization or permission, and the usual response I get is laughter.

You see, the hole that is blown is in a beaver dam, which lowers my scenic lake to a weed and mud filled pond. I wanted to rent out two lots on the property for RV or camper use, but who wants a lot on a swamp, and a swamp is created with the destruction of the dam.

It also disturbs the nesting of a pair of trumpeter swans. The pair have a nest in the middle of the pond on a muskrat lodge, but when the beaver dam is dynamited, the pond drains away, leaving the nest on land and exposed to predators.

According to conversations with the DNR, the beaver dam is my property and the water is state property, so no government agency should have the right to destroy the dam without my permission, nor should any individual. I have asked several agencies to take action, and the response is that it is not their jurisdiction. And, of course, there is also laughter, with comments like, "No one likes beavers."

Well, I wonder what would happen if I went on the DNR's property, or any other property, and took a stick of dynamite and blew a 20 foot hole in their land and then, when they asked me what I was doing, I answered that I thought I saw a beaver and that "No one likes beavers." I wonder how long I would be laughing.

If anyone has any idea what to do about this, e-mail me at

-- James Horsley, Ogema