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Letter: LP-A should have used health and safety levies for repairs years ago

As we enter the sixth year, yes I said the sixth year of trying to pass a bond for the fifth time I can no longer hold back and question why the board did not take repair action years ago. The recent article in Wednesdays DL paper about Frazee points out at the end of the piece how they will use the Health and Safety levy to revamp the air ventilation and sprinkler systems to the tune of 3.3 million. This levy goes right on the tax statement as non voter approved levies and will be a considerable increase over a 20 year span.

When the DRL group was selected to be the architect in 2003 for the LPA District, we questioned the $70 million price tag (including interest). When the administrator and board started bringing up the reasons for the new facility (lead in the water, air quality, class room heaters not functioning, mold in the school) we questioned why didn't you make the repairs and was promptly told "we didn't have the money." The LPA district had every opportunity to utilize the Health and Safety levies to make these repairs and the state would not turn down these repairs.

At the May 6th John Ryberg (MN Dept. of Education) meeting some of the yes voters were talking about consolidation with other districts, which Mr. Ryberg indicated is a possibility. He also stated the opposing sides need to meet to iron out agreements and differences because he can't make that decision.

--George W. Kohn, Audubon