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Letter: Evolution to be challenged in DL

My son's high school biology textbook reads,

[A]s in all previous editions, the central theme is evolution...The evolutionary theme is woven into every chapter of BIOLOGY. Evolution and the other whole-book themes work with the chapter-level concepts to help students construct a coherent view of life... (AP Edition BIOLOGY, p. xv)

In one sense such a bias does not bother me. What I do mind is when there is no or very little opportunity to consider any alternative to evolution. "But we should not teach religion in the schools" some might say. I am not talking about religion. I am referring to the observable evidence that science already deals with. Such evidence, say a growing number of respected scientists, does not support Darwinian evolution but the work of an intelligent designer and a special creation.

On June 1 at the DL Middle School (7 p.m.), any one can hear, free of charge, a very entertaining scientist present an alternative to evolution. Dr. David Menton, former associate professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine where he was awarded "Professor of the Year", will answer the question, where does the evidence point...Darwinian evolution or special creation? His talk is entitled "Lucy - She's No Lady" in which he will explore the "missing link" evidence between monkeys and humans and many other aspects of the evolution-creation debate. There will be ample time for Q & A and he will gladly accept any challenges from the audience. -- Pastor David Thompson, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Audubon