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Letter: Thanks to DL teachers for your service through the years

This coming Saturday will mark the end of an era for me, no more kids in school. (Hurray.) It has been a rather long era, as we had four children each about four years apart. My oldest attended kindergarten at Lincoln school in 1983, now with my youngest graduating in 2008 that is 25 years of kids in school.

My kids attended elementary at Holy Rosary. (In 1983 there was no kindergarten at Holy Rosary.) In their junior and high school years they attended the Detroit Lakes school system.

I remember one of their Holy Rosary teachers commenting to me "I don't know how one set of parents can have four children that are so different." Well, I agree with her. Our kids are very different. There is the social butterfly, the one who excelled academically, the one who struggled academically and the one who wanted out before it was over. (He took most of his senior year classes at D.L. Tech.)

Okay, the point of this letter? Though all my kids are very different, the D.L. School system had something for all of them. They provided a good education with numerous options and advisers to point out the way.

So to the teachers, counselors, office workers, kitchen staff, custodians and bus drivers, all the people who keep our D.L. schools up and running, many, many thanks. You help all our area's many different kids get off to a good start.

As my 25 year era ends I want you to know you are appreciated and applauded. --?Nancy M. Bentley, Frazee