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Letter: Thanks to those who helped to make someone's dream come true

I would like to let the community of Detroit Lakes know what a great community we live in.

A gentleman, who lives in one of our homes and has lived in Detroit Lakes 28 years, was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors have given him a short amount of time. He has such a love of motorcycles. So we were able to find Don Holthe and Shelly Fingalson, who have a motorcycle with a sidecar and were willing to give him a ride.

Then a group of guys from the ABATE and Lost Boys motorcycle club heard about the motorcycle ride and asked if they could ride along with him. The look of joy came over his face when he went outside and saw everyone on their motorcycles. They rode around the community and made it a very special day for him.

Thank you to people who care about others and make someone's dream come true. What a great community we live in. -- Georgia Reiffenberger, Lakes Homes and Program Development, Inc.