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Letter; 'President Hillary' would have made a difference

President Hillary: I would like to savor that title for just a little longer.

As a supporter of Sen. Clinton, I can only reflect on how much respect for her strength, courage and graciousness grew over the long weeks of this campaign.

She rewrote the history books, which could have read: "The first serious woman contender for the U.S. presidency stepped aside when everyone thought she should."

Instead they may read: "She fought for every state's right to have a meaningful primary vote. She championed the important issues of the time, and won the votes of virtually half the electorate and delegates." She fought for a new paradigm in politics.

Though I will support Sen. Obama, and am glad for the probability of our first African-American president, his "urgency of now" is, for me, the urgency of having capable women in places of power around the world.

Would they make a difference in terms of wars, health, education, environment, and human rights? Envision that... -- Fern Belling, Detroit Lakes