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Record Editorial: Cheers to spring state athletes; jeers to Coleman's bad tactics

Cheers to the Laker boys golf team for a huge comeback effort that made them co-state champions. The boys have played like champions all year and deserved to win state.

The Laker girls golf team deserves recognition as well for its third place finish at state, a great accomplishment in itself.

And individual track and field athletes from Frazee-Vergas and Lake Park Audubon can hold their heads high for outstanding achievement in their state competition.


Jeers to U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign for dragging up old work by DFL-endorsed opponent Al Franken. As a longtime comedian and satirist, Franken has compiled a wealth of material that can be used to make him look bad.

We suppose that's fair game, but it would be refreshing to see a real debate on the differences between the two candidates -- and there are plenty, from income taxes to universal health care to the war in Iraq.

Coleman and Franken are both good, decent men. Picking apart Franken's work as a comedian only clouds the serious issues. Minnesotans deserve better.


Cheers to the Becker County Board, which toured the new courthouse addition Tuesday.

The new courts wing is a shot in the arm for the local judicial system, which is coping with difficult budget cuts at the state level.

And by using a combination of reserves and bonding, the courthouse addition was built without a noticeable impact on county taxes.


Jeers to Mother Nature for this cold and rainy June weather. It follows a cold winter and long, snowy spring. Newcomers to the area must be wondering what in the world they got themselves into.

Here's hoping that things get back to normal in time for summer, which officially begins June 21.