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Letter: Spay or neuter your cats

Well, how many of you know this is adopt-a-shelter cat-month? How many of you know at this moment there are between 30 to 50 cats waiting for homes in each local shelter with between 3 to 6 'new' cats coming in weekly -- few of which are spayed or neutered? And of those 3 to 6 'new' cats, statistically, about half are 'feral', another 1 or 2 are diseased strays and the rest are surrendered by elderly owners who can no longer care for them and neglected to make provision for them.

The local shelters, humane societies and animal impounds are faced with weekly heart wrenching decisions. What would you, the public, have them do? If it is your will that they remain 'low-kill' facilities where only extremely suffering and absolutely non-adoptable animals are euthanized, then they need your help. You cannot continue to believe it is someone else's responsibility, problem, or expense. We live in a community. Any time there are 'growing' concerns in a community and you are part of that community then it is your responsibility, problem, and expense. Now, what are you going to do about it?

You can adopt a cat. Donate monies to a spay or neuter program. Volunteer time at a local shelter. Spay or neuter your cat!

-- Nancy Stokes, Ottertail