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Quirky and Quotable: Older than average students

Recently, a friend shed some light on going back to college at 30. I support her and am quite proud of her, and I feel that some of her feelings about her decision warrants being written about.

Her immediate emotions were common -- anxiety, excitement, fear of the unknown. Usually she was the "elder" in her class, but she expressed how grateful she was to have waited and matured, so she could take full advantage of the new knowledge she was given. One thing she noticed was the lack of enthusiasm in the younger students. It baffled her at first. Then aggravation set in. She sat back for a moment and remembered when she had better things to do, and at that time, it was not her money being spent on late nights and sleeping in.

She snapped back into reality and realized she was not there to observe others. She was there because she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Her admiration went to those who raised children, took care of families and worked while going to school. To her, this was the true definition of dedication and determination.

I visited a lot with my friend, heard her frustrations, observed her "blood, sweat and tears" go into her homework and projects.

Education is a growing concern in our country today, but it's never too late to pursue your dreams and go back to school.

To those "O.T.A." (older than average) students, my hat is off to you, and good luck with this upcoming scholastic endeavor.